Why rent a houseboat in Amsterdam in 2024?

Why should you rent a houseboat in Amsterdam in 2024?


Houseboat Rentals in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a unique houseboat experience while in Amsterdam in 2024? Houseboat rental Amsterdam would be a perfect choice for you! You’ll get a chance to observe the city from the gorgeous canals, take in the charming art, and the beautiful flowers as enjoy your cup of coffee or a glass of wine. A houseboat is a floating house that offers you an exclusive experience on the water. It allows you to explore Amsterdam in style away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll enjoy amazing vistas of the city’s skyline, with maximum privacy and lots of adventure. At Bookahouseboat.com, we are committed to ensuring that your stay in Amsterdam is a remarkable experience. Make your booking now and enjoy an unforgettable stay on the water in Amsterdam!


Incredible Amsterdam

Are you aware that Amsterdam rests on 11 million wooden poles and has more than 62 miles of canals? The 17th-century canal ring area of Amsterdam inside the Singelgracht was endorsed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2010. With a population of about 859.732 people, it is estimated that Amsterdam has approximately 881,000 bicycles. To explain this discrepancy between the number of inhabitants and bicycles, it is estimated that around 100,000 bicycles are stolen annually. You’ll be amazed to discover that over 25,000 bicycles end up in Amsterdam’s canals annually! Surprisingly, it is estimated that only 8,000 bikes are pulled out of these waterways each year.


Are you a beer enthusiast or a foodie? Well, Amsterdam is home to over 1,515 bars and cafes. While in this amazing city, you’ll get a chance to sample lots of Heineken and other typical Dutch drinks. Houseboat rental Amsterdam offers you the perfect opportunity to get into the city and visit a few of the finest bars and cafes in Amsterdam. You’ll be surprised to learn that Schiphol, Amsterdam’s airport, sits 4 meters below sea level! Another amazing fact about this awesome city is that it boasts of 1,281 bridges! The city center alone has 80 bridges, the skinny Bridge (Magere Brug), is the most famous bridge in Amsterdam. The crossing of Herengracht and Reguliersgracht is renowned as the Bridge of 15 Bridges. At night it offers pretty vistas, you can observe a total of 15 arches into the distance if you stand in the right spot.


Booking a Houseboat

Bookahouseboat offers amazing houseboat services at affordable rates. We are committed to offering you great services and a unique experience in Amsterdam. You can inquire with us and we’ll design a package that suits your interests.


Be unique, rent a houseboat!

At Bookahouseboat.com, we believe that life is too short to be cramped in a hotel room. Your accommodation defines who you are. You are special, and special people rent a houseboat while in Amsterdam, it is the only way to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in the Dutch capital! Join us and enjoy Amsterdam like a local!